LOGOPHARM GmbH is a research-oriented biotech company that provides advanced solutions in proteomic target and biomarker R&D. The company located at Freiburg (Germany) was founded 2005 by a team of leading scientists and business experts. It combines proprietary proteomic technologies, long-term experience in functional membrane protein analysis and innovative drug development concepts with focus on membrane proteins and protein complexes. Based on this, we conduct independent research and offer tools, specialized services as well as research consulting and implementation of technology, individually adapted to our customers’ needs.

Our customers benefit from a number of competitive advantages:

  • The founders team as well as our partners are representative of scientific excellence in the fields of membrane protein biochemistry, molecular physiology and mass spectrometry.
  • Our approaches are based on native source material (close to physiology) and applicable to all types of protein, especially membrane proteins, protein complexes and low-abundance proteins.
  • We develop and use proprietary technology and know-how in crucial areas:
    membrane protein solubilisation and fractionation
    • affinity purification
    • micro-proteomic analysis
    • mass spectrometry (including quantification)
  • Our internal database currently comprises more than 1000 membrane protein target purifications representing a unique resource of unpublished information.
  • Due to optimization of our infrastructure and close collaboration with academic research institutes, prices of our services - even when based on most advanced technology - are very reasonable.