LOGOPHARM has acquired and further developed a number of techniques in the area of proteomics and mass spectrometry. The focus of our research is on membrane proteins but the techniques are applicable to all types of proteins and protein complexes. Moreover, they are especially suitable for analysis of native source material like tissues and body fluids.

Our core platform is the CompleXio technology for isolation and identification of membrane protein complexes. It involves classical preparation and fractionation of biological membranes, screening for suitable solubilisation conditions, sub-fractionation and/or affinity purification by proprietary techniques and highly sensitive identification of proteins by liquid-chromatography-coupled tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS).

A specialized platform under ongoing development is our micro-proteomics technology. It combines micro-preparative methods (PMAP) with optimized highly sensitive analytical assays and most advanced mass spectrometry to study proteomes and protein-protein interactions using lowest amount of sample. Currently, less than 20 mg of sample material (or 0.5 mg of membrane) are required for comprehensive analysis, and we continue to push the limits.

Mass spectrometry plays a central role in our approaches. We have access to the most advanced liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry hardware that delivers unbiased true peptide sequence information for unambiguous protein identification. Our in-house developed software allows for MS-based relative and absolute protein quantification across large datasets. Because it does not require labelling of proteins or peptides, it is highly sensitive, comprehensive and applicable to all types of samples.