LOGOPHARM has developed a number of techniques and tools to overcome current limitations in membrane target and biomarker research

Solubilisation Buffers

A set of standardized detergent buffers ComplexioLytes allows for efficient extraction of native protein complexes from biological membranes in different applications. Ready-to-use buffers can be directly purchased; alternatively, we offer optimization of detergent buffers for your specific workflow or applications as a service.


As part of our internal development and collaboration projects we have generated and tested a number of antibodies directed against membrane proteins or associated interaction partners. Different from other suppliers our antibodies have been extensively validated for each application using native target specimens, knockout controls and mass spectrometry.

Mass Spectrometry

Highly sensitive and robust LC-MS/MS analysis combined with identification of post-translational modifications or quantification provides the basis for comprehensive proteomic analysis of cell lines, tissues or affinity-purified proteins and protein complexes.